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Founded by former Apple Music Global Creative Director Larry Jackson and veteran music executive Ike Youssef, gamma. offers the world’s leading artists creative and business services across all artistic and commercial touchpoints: from content creation and distribution, to creative guidance, innovative payment solutions, and more. gamma. provides the resources, capabilities, and experience to help cultural icons develop their business vision and accelerate its execution. gamma. is not a label. It is not a management company. It is connective tissue, bridging the gap between enigmatic genius and everyday life.

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Whether an artist is interested in recording and distributing an album, composing new music, producing short or long-form visual content, developing a podcast, or launching a consumer products business, gamma. supports its creators with the means and resources to execute their vision. Key initiatives to date include Snoop Dogg and his Death Row catalog, Usher, Rick Ross, and Naomi Campbell.


gamma. acquired Vydia Inc. in order to provide content creators with the unfettered ability to publish and distribute audio-visual content on a global basis. Based on cutting-edge music technology and infrastructure, Vydia provides its creators with rights management services, advanced payments, transparent and automated royalty accounting, and daily performance analytics to help amplify the artist’s reach.

The Artist-Centered Enterprise

gamma. recognizes that content creators have the ability to impact culture and commerce more than ever. Through direct engagement with their fans and a global reach that no longer relies on traditional advertising, artists are developing direct fan connectivity extending beyond an album or film. Artists are now in the driver’s seat of building their own direct-to-consumer and retail businesses on their terms.